Private readings are conducted currently from Paul's home in Grimsby and typically will last for an hour.Sype Readings are now available.There are certain times that Paul will read which are as follows:

Mon to Thu

10:00 am

11:30 am

13:00 pm

Please note:(only applies to 1-2-1 readings)  there are no late afternoon or evening appointements available for the rest of the year due to the number of Events Paul is doing throughout the year

Paul is a Spiritual Medium so predominately he will attempt to connect to those that have passed over into the world of spirit. Paul does not guarantee to able to connect to the person you are hoping for so please attend with an open mind as you maybe surprised who will come through and sometimes it can be very unexpected. By no means is Paul a fortune teller but it has been known on several occasions for him to bring through accurate future events, however, it is not what he sets out to do. The continuation of life is the driving force for Paul, trying to provide the crucial evidence of our survival. 

One of Lincolnshire's favourite Mediums bringing the two worlds closer together